Mini Waterproof Builtin Battery GSM GPS tracker ST-901 for Car motorcycle vehicle tracking

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Global GPS Tracker Waterproof Built-in Battery GSM Mini for Car motorcycle cheap vehicle tracking device online software and APPchips, accurate to seconds. You can remote control vehicle status after the robbery or stolen.

  • Built-in battery: Built-in high-quality high-temperature flame-proof military-polymer battery, to prevent thieves cut the power cord, the terminal can still continue to work for more than seven hours. 
  • Geo-fence: It will send alarm to the platform if the vehicle is beyond or enter your setting fence, suitable for vehicle theft and fleet management

  • Trajectory Replay: 180 days saving data  for your vehicle records on our platform to facilitate playback, simultaneous show speed ,direction and residence time. 
  • Vibration alarm: built-in vibration sensor, can set vibration duration alarm  to achieve intelligent anti-theft.
  • Movement alert: You can send text messages to set the distance for your vehicle's movement alarm, real-time control of the vehicle states . 
  • Power failure alarm: When the thief illegally removed or cut the power line equipment, the device will send sms alarm to your phone or call your phone(you can set it), so that thieves have nowhere to escape. 


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