Smart Fingerprint Padlock LED Safe USB Charging Rechargeable Waterproof Door Lock Home Security

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Your finger is your password. Fingerprint ID function provides a safe and private way for unlock and identity verify.

IP65 waterproof: With IPS65 waterproof standard, the product can be protected from the water and dust.
USB chagre: With the feature of lower power and long standby time.
A 240mAh lithium battery can support 1-year standby time and can be opened up to 1000 times.
Safe and reliable, touch once and open.
Suitable for house door, backpack, suitcase, warehouse, bike, cabinet and office.

Support: 360 degree angel fingerprint recognize
Resolution: 508DPI
ESD: +/-12kV air, +/-8kV contact
FRR: <1%
FAR: <0.002%
Recognize time: <300mS
Charging: support USB chagre
Battery: lithium battery, 3.7V 240mAh (built-in)
Charger: 5V 1A
Item size: 90.9 * 34.3 * 16.4mm / 3.6 * 1.4 * 0.6in
Weight: 150g / 5.3ounce
Package size: 150 * 100 * 50mm / 5.9 * 3.9 * 2.0in
Package weight: 200g / 7.1ounce

Package List:
1 * Fingerprint Padlock

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